We are proud to announce that our doors are now open to membership.  In the beginning, membership will be limited to those that currently cast formal magics and to those that wish to pursue that knowledge.  As the Guild grows these doors will be opened wider.





The Greyhelm

Wizard’s Guild

Membership Charter



The Wizard’s Guild of Greyhelm has been formed to provide a service to those that call Greyhelm their home as well as those that are merely passing through.  To accomplish this, the Guild will organize the magical resources in the area to benefit the growth of Greyhelm.

In pursuit of these goals, the Guild will strive to provide a solid magical defense for the lands of Greyhelm.  In times of emergency, resources and individual aid will be provided.


The Guild shall provide services within both spheres of magic, Earth and Celestial.


The Guild is established as a community and as such is built on the wisdom and skills of its members to better serve the community of Greyhelm.






Membership Information


Membership in the Wizard’s Guild of Greyhelm will entitle you to many benefits as well as imposing certain requirements.  The Guild is here not only to serve your needs, but those of the community as well. 


Guild membership will cost ten gold per individual, annually.  Membership will entitle access to all of the Guild’s services.



Use of the Guild scroll library free of charge.

Use of Guild circles free of charge.

Opportunities to purchase items from the Guild supplies at discounted prices.

        Items to include, but not limited to:

Components, battle scrolls, potions, spellbooks, and cantrip tomes.



Provide resurrections free of charge.

Provide identifications free of charge.

It is also expected that Guild Members will provide certain services for the greater good of the town without expectation of monetary compensation.  Such services may include, but not be limited to, castings of Destroy Magic (Lesser or Greater), Wards, Circles of Power, and Spirit Walk.  (Necessary components will be provided when possible.)

Be available for Guild circle duty.

   “Guild Duty” will include the following types of responsibilities:

š    Resurrections

š    Identifications

š    Sale of Guild resources

š    Providing access to circle for castings

You must contact a Guild leader for access to scrolls.


Circle Investiture

For the security of the Guild and the town, membership shall not be assumed to guarantee investiture to Guild circles.  The Guild leadership, in concert with His Excellency Count Wyndham will determine investitures. 



Guild Services


Use of Circles                                                              1 gold per formal casting

Spell Castings                                           Rates to be negotiated by caster(s)

Use of Formal Scrolls                              5 silver per level of formal to be cast

Rituals cast in dark territory are allowed only if the following conditions are met.

š    Caster must provide the following at time of casting:

v     Create Permanent Circle of Power scroll

v     Components required to cast a new circle of power

v     Components required to invest everyone that was previously invested.

š    Caster must also be able to cast a new circle of appropriate school or pay Guild casting rates for new circle of appropriate school.

Exceptions may be made in cases of extreme necessity.

Identifications                                                                                Free of charge

Resurrections                                                                                Free of charge

Spellbook usage for studying                                                      Free of charge

Sale of:

š    Battle Scrolls

š    Potions

š    Components

š    Spellbooks

š    Cantrip Tomes


v     Prices will be determined by market price and demand.

v     If you wish to purchase a spellbook or cantrip tome, please inform us ahead of time so that we may have the necessary materials.


Component Exchange and Bank

            The component exchange is intended to provide the maximum use out of your components.  When you are ready to cast a formal ritual, exchange your newer components for ones that are closer to crumbling.

            In order for this system to work, the Guild will need components on hand.  If you aren’t much of a traveler, then we will provide a safe place to store your components.  By allowing the Guild to store your components, it provides us with the materials to exchange.

   You may withdraw your components at any time and it is very likely that you will have fresher components.

   This system will benefit everyone involved and the greater the participation, the better your chances are of receiving newer components when you need them.



Guild rules and regulations

            While it is hoped that Guild members will act with the utmost decorum and within the bounds of the laws of Greyhelm and Evendarr at all times, a word on the possible repercussions of such misdeeds is in order.  Any Guild member judged guilty of a serious crime within Greyhelm, declared an outlaw in another district of the Kingdom, banished from Evendarr, or who is found to have violated a Guild regulation (such as allowing a non-member access to Guild scrolls without payment) shall be subject to penalties imposed by the Guild.  Such penalties may include, but not limited to:

š    Fines in addition to any imposed by the noble sitting in judgment

š    Suspension of Guild membership and the benefits thereof

š    Divestiture from Guild circles

š    Revocation of Guild membership, either for a period of time or permanently

The Guild leaders, with council from His Excellency Count Wyndham, shall determine what constitutes a serious crime and what penalties shall be imposed.



For further information, contact Celestial Assistant Guildmistress Sinai Makkura Arashi and Earth Assistant Guildmaster Sir Douglas Bluewater.  You may also contact Guildmaster Dominic Lorenzo or Deputy Guildmaster Sereg Talias for information regarding both schools and general questions.